Play Online Texas Hold’em Poker at the Best Online Poker Sites


Offering up an exciting gaming environment and the chance to win big, Texas Hold’em is a fun and thrilling game that you can play at every online poker room. The game has simple enough rules, and you have plenty of opportunities to claim bonuses that will provide you with extra cash to boost your bankroll.

Here is a list of the best online Texas Hold’em poker sites for November 2020:

  1. Ignition Poker
  2. Juicy Stakes Poker

Juicy Stakes

Welcome Bonus: 200% up to $1000
  • Mobile Friendly Platform
  • Large New Player Bonus
  • Great User Interface

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker

In both the online and land-based poker rooms, this is by far the most popular poker variant, mostly due to the simple Texas Holdem Poker rules. It’s an easy game to learn, so you’ll get the basics down in no time at all and will be well on your way to playing and winning before you know it. 

In the first round, players are dealt two cards. The big blind and the small blind make their bets, and the next player is the first to act. They can choose to call (match the bet of the big blind), raise (double the current bet) or fold (no longer carry on in the hand). 

The flop is the next round, where the first three community cards are dealt. At this time, the first player to act can choose to check (not place a bet but continue in the hand), bet or fold. If it has been checked to you, it’s usually advised that you don’t fold. 

Two more rounds of betting occur after the turn (fourth community card) and river (fifth community card). At the showdown, all of the players left in the hand show their cards. The player who has the highest-ranking hand wins and collects all of the chips in the pot.

Rankings of Texas Holdem Poker Hands

The strength of your hand will determine how you bet during the different rounds of a Texas Hold’em round. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the hand rankings to ensure that you’re always taking the right course of action: 

  1. Royal Flush: A, K, Q, J 10 of the same suit
  2. Straight Flush: five cards in a sequence of the same suit
  3. Four of a Kind: all four cards of the same rank
  4. Full House: three-of-a-kind and a pair
  5. Flush: any five cards of the same suit, not in a sequence
  6. Straight: five cards in a row, not of the same suit
  7. Three of a kind: three cards of the same rank
  8. Two pair: two different pairs
  9. Pair: two cards of the same rank
  10. High card: if you haven’t made any of the above hands, the highest card in your hand is played

Types of Texas Hold’Em Games

At the best online poker sites, you’ll find a wide range of Texas Hold’em poker games that you can enjoy. You should try all of them out to find out which one best suit your playing style and budget. 

  • Heads Up: a cash game where only two players are at the table 
  • 6-Max: up to six players can sit at the table
  • 9-Max: up to nine players can sit at the table
  • Short Deck: a Texas Hold’em variant where all of the card ranked lower than six are removed from the deck 
  • Fast Fold: as soon as you fold your hand, you’re moved to another table

Texas Hold’em Tournaments

In addition to cash games, you’ll also be able to take part in tournaments. These are competitions with large player pools that take place on multiple tables. The blinds increase every 15 minutes and the number of players who receive prizes depends on the number of entries. In most cases, there is a guaranteed prize. 

  • Sit n Gos: a tournament that begins when a certain number of players enter
  • Reloads: this is a tournament that you can buy back into after you’re eliminated 
  • Turbos: instead of the blinds increasing every 15 minutes, this length of time is shortened to 5 minutes or less 
  • Bounty: a competition where you receive a prize for every player that you eliminate

Playing Texas Hold’em On the Go

In the online world, you aren’t limited to playing Texas Hold’em poker from your desktop computer. You can use your smartphone and tablet to play poker on the go. You won’t get the same sophisticated UI that you would encounter in a desktop program, but all of the basics are there. 

You’ll be able to play in cash games and tournaments, and some mobile poker sites even offer fast-fold games. Your account is easily accessible from your tablet or smartphone, as well, so you can fund your account and contact customer support without much trouble.

Native Apps

Most of the best online poker sites offer players the chance to download apps to their mobile devices. You can either find them on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, or directly from the operator’s website. These downloads tend to be about 50MB to 100MB, so it’s a good idea to download them when you’re on WiFi.

Browser-Based Games

There are also several online poker sites that allow you to play Texas Hold’em directly from your web browser. These games are powered using HTML5, so you don’t have to download any software. This is a good option if you have an older device that doesn’t have much space for apps.

Texas Hold’em Online Poker Bonuses

When playing Texas Hold’em poker online, there are some bonuses that you can claim. They really sweeten the experience of playing online poker, allowing you to earn extra cash that you can add to your bankroll.

Match Bonuses

As soon as you sign up to an online poker site, you’ll be greeted with a welcome bonus, where the operator will match your first deposit by 100%. Throughout your membership you’ll have plenty of opportunities to claim these match bonuses, with the operator matching your deposits by 25%, 50% and 100%. 

Bad Beat Jackpot

At most online poker sites, all players are eligible for the bad beat jackpot. This is a progressive jackpot that climbs consistently, and the winner is selected when a particular strong hand is beaten.

So, for example, at some online poker sites, the minimum hand to qualify for the bad beat jackpot is four-of-a-kind. If another player at the table manages to beat your hand, then you’ll receive 50% of the jackpot, the winner of the hand gets 25% and the rest of the players in the hand get the remaining 25%.

Player Points

Every time you take part in a hand at an online poker site, you’ll receive player points. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you’ll be able to redeem them for cash prizes and tournament tickets. Some sites even have prize wheels that you can spin if you redeem a certain number of points, for cash bonuses and other great perks.