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Poker can be such a challenging game, but there are more than one way to learn the ropes without spending a single penny. Free online poker opportunities exist and for those of you who are eager to play with fake money and get real kicks out of your experience, the opportunities abound.

Here is a list of our favourite sites to play free online poker using ‘play money’ in November 2020:

  1. WSOP Poker
  2. Zynga Poker
  3. Replay Poker

Today, we take a look at how you can play poker for free in an environment that comes very close to the real thing. Shape yourself into the ultimate pro before you even hit the big tables by playing free online poker games with fake money. In this page, we will have a look at:

  • What free poker games are
  • Where to find the best games
  • How to tell that a poker website is genuine

What Are Free Online Poker Games?

There exists some confusion insofar as the term is concerned. Free online poker is often mistaken for “freeroll poker,” which is in fact something entirely different. When we say free poker, we mean games that are played with a mock-up currency (play money/virtual money).

You simply join a website and you are given funds that hold no real-world value but are treated as actual currency on the website. In a word, these types of games are the best ways to familiarise yourself with all the available poker options out there.

Here are the advantages of option for free online poker games with fake money:

  • Learn all the great poker openers at your own leisure
  • Test strategies and play at multiple-tables
  • Study the different kinds of poker
  • Develop a sense for the pace of each game
  • Teach yourself how to bluff opponents

Pro tip: Remember that free online poker is different than freeroll. The free poker or “play money” option requires no financial commitment on your part.

Register Your Free Poker Account

Once you have found a card room worth your while, you will need to set-up a simple account. Most such for-fun card rooms won’t expect you to reveal much about yourself, so your identity will be safe. If the poker portal is a licensed business, you may need to undergo a verification process. Here are the steps of registering your own account:

  1. Find the card room you are comfortable with
  2. Provide all information required by the card room
  3. Make sure you have selected the “play money” option in case the website offers other forms of gaming
  4. Join the free tournaments, cash games, and sit & go’s competitions that are available to you

What Are the Available Games with Fake Money?

A game of live poker in progress.
Always treat the free games as the real thing.

When it comes to these types of poker portals, there are no exceptions, and you will encounter every single game that you would at some of the top gaming websites. The only difference, of course, is that all of these poker games will be played with a mock-up currency. However, the fundamental rules of the game will remain intact, giving you an opportunity to become a true student of poker without sacrificing a single penny.

Pro tip: The card room that offers you play money options may also offer you real cash games. You need to pay attention and determine what kind of a portal you are playing at.

Here are the top free online poker games with fake money in November:

  • Texas Hold’em: This game is a good way to start your poker practice. Texas Hold’em is played at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and it remains the defining experience in the world of cards.
  • Omaha: Omaha has been gaining popularity thanks to the slightly alternative gameplay that allows players to be more aggressive and build into more significant pots quickly. Definitely worth considering as part of your routine gaming.

Stud: Stud used to be the main gaming experience. Remember those Western movies where you would see people smoking in bars and playing cards? It was stud poker they played, and the game is still quite generous to people who master it and dominate the online tables.

Finding the Best Free Poker Sites

Although there’s no real cash involved, the process of finding the best free play poker sites shouldn’t be any less important, as there are still differences between the really well designed and reputable card rooms compared to the more lacklustre ones. 

Here are some of the highlights in spotting the best free online poker options:

  • Licensing and security: A card room may not always be licensed, especially in the case of free online poker games, but the card room’s security should be up to the required standard. This means SSL encryption and proven track record for adhering to the best customer practices.
  • Game variety: To make sure you are never out of things to do, having a variety of free poker games helps. You will want to see all versions of Omaha, including Hi and Lo, Texas Hold’em in all its variants, including Pot Limit and No Limit, and the classic 7 Card Stud.
  • Software: If you want to have a flawless experience, you will need to find a website that offers a good software free of any technical hiccups. You can play at your own leisure and enjoy a smooth gameplay as long as you stick with the top fake money card rooms.

Banking options: So long that you play with fake money, you needn’t worry about much. If your platform has the option for real gaming as opposed to free online poker, then you might spend a little more time examining what the exact payment solutions are just to make things easier later on.

Use Practice Mode to Learn More about Poker

While some established brands offer regular poker options and freeroll, others will be happy to introduce you to the free, practice mode. This is the perfect opportunity for you to study the game at a card room that holds tournaments and pays actual cash while not spending any of your money.

A practice mode game at 888poker.
Learn in practice mode and move onto the real thing.

By opting for a mainstream card room that runs “practice” games, you can really learn the ropes of poker playing directly with the software that you can later use to play for actual money. It’s always good to keep your options open, and by choosing one of the better-known brands, you will be ready to start playing the real cash games once you feel prepared.

Free Online Poker Online: Is It Really Worth It?

There is a time in the career of every player when you need to test new things, such as types of opening hands, probabilities, and more that simply won’t work or be too risky to test run in a real game. The constant fear of losing money while learning will continuously weigh you down.

This is where free online poker games with fake money come in very handy. You can focus on mastering your game and honing your skills to the point where you will be ready to enter the minimum stake cash games. True, many players won’t take free online poker seriously, but this doesn’t mean that you should spare them. Play to the best of your ability and outpace the competition without ever wasting a single penny.