Best Australian Poker Sites


If you love online poker, Australia has a lot to offer to those card buffs among you that have a competitive turn of mind. While the legal context is just a little bit fraught, there are many opportunities for you to play at world class Australian online poker sites and rake in solid returns in the process. The choice is quite vast and therefore our page, dedicated to the best card rooms you will find in Australia, will help you narrow it all down to the best options today.

Here is a list of the best Australian online poker sites in November 2020:

  1. Ignition Poker
  2. Juicy Stakes Poker

We have play-tested each individual brand on our list to make sure that everything is up to Australia Online Poker’s standards. From the rake to the bonuses and opportunities to play in life-changing tournaments, Australia is the promised land of poker.

Australia Online Poker: How to Make a Smart Choice

Various card room features.
A whole lot of Aussie poker options to pick from.

Australia is unlike other jurisdictions these days. On the one hand, the legal framework makes it difficult for operators to enter the county, but on the other, over 2 million people love to play cards online. This gives the basis for a very solid poker community. To spot the best Australian poker sites, you will look for certain features:

  • Safety – A great poker venue catering to an Aussie crowd will always be a safe harbor for the seasoned poker aficionado and poker virgin alike. The safety of a venue can be established by following through with a professional review, reading comments on Reddit, and other dedicated forums.
  • License – There are no licenses for Australian poker sites, which means that you will have to rely on the reputation and player opinions more so than a licensing authority’s seal. Some websites go the extra mile to procure a license from Curacao, Gibraltar, or Isle of Man.
  • Reputation – A great reputation is built painstakingly over a long period of time. This is why reputation can be an even better tell whether the website you are choosing to play with is worth your money, time and effort.
  • Variety – The best online poker experience in Australia is the one that provides you with the most gaming options. Don’t settle for just one version of poker or repetitive tournament formats. Variety is the spice of poker life and you should pursue it.

The Australian market is very rich and versatile. While top brands, such as 888, PokerStars and William Hill have had to withdraw, many other websites are still operational, even though not physically present in the country. They all share the above-cited traits that establish them as some of the best online poker venues in Australia.

How We Find the Best Australian Online Poker Sites for You?

We have the sleeves-rolled-up attitude that allows us to test every major card room out there. We are more than confident with the ones that have been licensed by national regulators, and that’s why we are focusing on those brands that have long been considered marginal poker venues. For thousands of players in Australia, places like Ignition, Bodog88, and Americas Cardroom among others, are the premier Australian poker sites.

Types of bonuses
A variety of poker features to pick and choose from.

There are a lot of great features that are worthy of your attention. We believe these venues to have achieved a level of sophistication that will make any poker fan want to play at them. Plus, we personally always look for cool aspects of the poker experience as:

  • A downloadable client
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Various tournaments
  • More versions
  • Great bonuses
  • Anonymous tables

These features are seemingly just bells and whistles, but they do add up to a very fulfilling and rewarding overall experience which you will enjoy. No competition can stand up to a well-rounded poker venue. Australia Online Poker only recommends the card room that have a good mix of these and other underpinning features. 

The Best Online Poker in Australia & Awesome Poker Clients

Most players who are serious about poker agree that having a comfortable playing environment is paramount. While mobile poker is a handy way to play on the go, anyone who is serious about the game will tell you that making the most of your poker experience comes with a great client you can play from.

A poker client screenshot.
Sit & Go’s tournament at a poker client.

A client should also be accompanied by a broad range of features that make the experience complete. For instance, you got to have access to all sorts of games and pick from a variety of table limits freely. The different poker sites in Australia will always come with their own set of features, so a common denominator is difficult to establish. For instance, Ignition (Update: no longer available in Australia) has great Jackpot Sit & Go’s format that allows you to join the game for:

  • $2 and win a Jackpot up to $2,400
  • $7 and win a Jackpot up to $8,400
  • $20 and win a Jackpot up to $24,000
  • $50 and win a Jackpot up to $11,000
  • $60 and win a Jackpot up to $72,000

Each platform will come with an adornment of its own and it will always be fun to discover the tournaments and extra games one platform has to offer over another. It’s always worth doing a bit of research before placing your first deposit.

A quick bar of options at a poker site.
Find out more about the poker portal before you start playing.

Deposit at the Best Australian Online Poker Sites

Pick a Bitcoin depositing option.
Pick a Bitcoin depositing option.

Looking to make your first deposit at a respected Aussie poker venue? That’s great. You will generally have several banking options to do so. Each card room will outline the payment providers it offers. When it comes to deposits, there are seldom any fees to worry about and the money usually appears immediately in your account balance. Some popular options for online poker in Australia include:

  • POLi
  • Neteller
  • Skill
  • Bank cards
  • Bitcoin & crypto

Most of these payment options are used in everyday life, making it very easy for poker fans to apply them to their online forays at some of the top Australian poker sites. In the case of Bitcoin, many players see an opportunity to circumnavigate any attempts by the government to restrict their play. Here are some of the upsides of using Bitcoin:

  • Fast Deposit
  • 7Fast Withdrawals
  • Zero Fees
  • Better Bonus Conditions
  • Anonymity

Thanks to the cryptocurrency, however, playing online poker in Australia is a tad easier if you are prepared to familiarize yourself with how this payment solution works. In most cases, you can enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals. For all the other payment solutions, the waiting time is usually up to 48 hours and some fees may apply, depending on the card room.

Bitcoin isn’t the sole cryptocurrency you can use to play poker in Australia. Ethereum is another common currency where the value doesn’t fluctuate as often, revealing excellent opportunities to poker fans who also know a thing or two about how these digital currencies work.

Poker Bonuses in Australia: Pick the Best from the Top Venues

Bonuses in poker are always welcome by customers. The Best Australian online poker sites will always have you started with a generous promotion that doesn’t threaten to break your bankroll or squeeze you for time. Quite to the contrary, all poker promotions are generous and allow the players to organize their play and cash out promptly. There are three main types of promotions:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Reload bonus
  • Loyalty

There are more fantastic options as well. For example, Refer a Friend (RAF) is a great way to get more friends playing. The best thing about poker bonuses is that you don’t have to spend too much time to release the bonus. Each online poker site in Australia has its own set of rules as to how quickly the bonus is released, but that’s usually something like $5 per XX/X points.

Each website will come up with its own names for the points, so some call it “Rewards” while others refer to the credits you need to cash your bonus as simply “Points”.

There are seldom bad bonuses and for all it’s worth, the ones we recommend are always the best ones that Aussie players can access and benefit from.

Tournaments at Australian Poker Sites

Cool tournament banner for Aussie poker.
Tournaments at Ignition Poker

In Australia, online poker also boils down to competitive play. Everyone is eager to win bigger, better rewards, and one way to do this is through tournament play. Each poker card room in Australia comes up with its own and specific tournament and terms. Some, like AmericasCardroom have introduced exciting events, such as the $2-million event known as “The Venom”.

The majority of operators readily dispense between $1 million and $5 million in cash to those who want to break into the poker world. There are loads of possible events to pick from, including:

  • Local events
  • Weekend specials
  • Freeroll tournaments
  • Special Aussie tournament series
  • More weekly flash tournaments

Card rooms that cater to Australian customers are also becoming more global and they bring together people from multiple nationalities, creating even better opportunities for all the offshore poker buffs.

A special Australia-facing tournament
The big Aussie series are upon us.

Australian Poker Sites to Avoid: The Definitive Blacklist

With hundreds of websites out there, a few bad apples will always find their way into the basket. Thankfully, you needn’t worry about those too much, as we have put together a list of websites that you don’t want to bother with at all.

Here is a list of what we consider to be the worst Australian online poker sites in November 2020:

  1. Brandy Casino
  2. Atlantic Vegas Casino
  3. Absolute Poker
  4. 21 Dukes Casino
  5. Ruby Seven
  6. Ultimate Bet
  7. Betport
  8. Lovelotto
  9. Lock Casino

You can read a lot about online poker in Australia on Reddit or visit respected reviewing service. We too have focused on delivering detailed reviews to help you better navigate the testy seas of poker.

Once you develop the habit to research each website individually, you will quickly see that the ones we recommend are indeed the ones you want to bet your money on.

Best Real Money Poker Options for Aussies

The best real money poker venues will offer you a great selection of games coming at a variety of price range. You can join games that will allow those among you looking to grind their way to glory to do so at $0.01/$0.02 at a time.

A lot of skilled players will stick to the $1/$2 games and Texas Hold’em will be the preferred gaming option in this case. This doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t run into a variety of games, including Omaha Hi/Lo and 7Stud Poker. Besides, there are other viable options to pick from, including Zone Poker, Turbo, and any new format that the best online poker in Australia can come up with.

There are many variants of poker worth exploring. All of them boil down to having an intuitive and theoretical grasp of the game that will allow you to one-up the opponents in the times of crunch. In any case, remember to pick the games that you feel the most comfortable with.

Australia Online Poker: Good Things on the Horizon

Yes, the country is facing its own troubles at home, but the number of online poker players in Australia will continue to keep its upward trend. Poker is a popular past time and the real money opportunities are plenty. Some of the world’s best grinders have had the opportunity to play in Australia and develop their bankroll or qualify directly into mainstream competitions.More of this is coming soon and Australia Online Poker is here to keep you posted on the hottest new action. Looking for the best poker websites in Australia? We are here to help you pick the ones tailored to your needs.