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Welcome to OnlinePokerAustralia.com, the exclusive website dedicated to informing you about the latest poker events from around the world. You will find all the information that you need to explore your poker options in Australia as a player, legally and safely. 

The website focuses on studying how the quickly developing poker ecosystem in Australia is changing and becoming more open despite uncertainty in legislation.

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Oliver Taylor

Hi! Welcome to my blog about all things poker for the Australian scene. I’m Oliver, an avid follower of the online poker industry for the past 14+ years and a retired semi-professional poker player. With this previous experience combined with my constantly growing knowledge, I can say I truly understand what makes for the best australian poker sites out there.

There is a lot of uncertainty around what options are available for those that reside in this country, particularly for those who are new to the game. This is why I started this blog with the intentions of providing individuals from Australia information on the ultimate real money poker rooms that provide legal, safe and positive player experiences.

Patricia Brown

Hi, I’m Patricia. I work closely with Oliver on the research side of things to ensure that everything we deliver is accurate and up to date. Although I haven’t been involved with the professional poker scene, I’ve been playing in online poker rooms for 10+ years. I think this brings another perspective to the table because I know the specific criteria which appeals to the general public.

We believe that the Australian online poker scene has a lot of room to grow and will continue to throw curveballs at us in the future, but we hope to steer you in the right direction by continuing to publish the latest guides and best content on the web.